“The world as we have created it
is a process of our thinking. It
cannot be changed without
changing our thinking.”
Albert Einstein

There are thousands and millions of questions that streams in and out of a man’s mind each day, every minute.

This way, we are easily distracted. And if it happens, it’s not necessarily our fault- but, it’s our fault when we don’t find a way to always get ourselves in check, to rethink, come back to the right thought.

Here’s a question to help with that; it as always been my compass, helping me achieve my goals.

Am I on the right track?

Are you?

According to Samuel Beckett, he said
If you don’t know where you are
currently standing, you’re dead.


I have sought for a calendar with the date of eternity


I have sought for a calendar with the date of eternity,

On my quest have I trodden on flamey grounds of regret,

Knowledge have crossed my path that I know the identity of the wind,

Though for you I search,

But of another did I find.

Nigeria Would Be A Better Place, Only If We Would…

Statistically, a minimum of 1.8 millions Nigerians enter into the labour force every year (results of 2015), with 30% of them with innovative ideas.



    Statistically, a minimum of 1.8 millions Nigerians  enters into the labour force every year (results of 2015), with 30% of them possessing innovative ideas.

    We have for years and years demanded and sort for platforms from the government for which we could be helped, to achieve our goals and bring our dreams to reality.
What if we have been acting in reverse and what we really should be doing is establishing platforms in the length of our ability, even as little as we can, to aid one another.

    Imagine a gushing herd of innovative ideas from at least 30% out of 1.8 million souls per year, rushing forth to the help of the government. And most idea drench as they don’t experience opportunities to be established; if we were to ask why that is, most people’s answers would be “the government is the fault, they are not helping youths with ideas at all,” maybe something similar to that- well, you might just be right, but permit me to say “you are wrong”.

    We are the government ourselves, isn’t it ‘Government of the people, BY THE PEOPLE, for the people’ anymore?
Why should those sited in those executive sits be the ones to provide those platforms, platforms to be accessible by series of innovative ideas? When we “the government” ourselves don’t help to promote our own fellow people with those ideas. Just maybe when that begins to happen, we’d someday find who would help with our own ideas and dreams.

    We should not forget that the way to lead, is to lead by example…. We can even be as leading examples to those old men in the executive positions,  showing them how things should be.
We all have this power to move the world, it only starts by moving someone else’s idea forward.

    We should start living as leaders that we are, and begin to impact our world, by first supporting this innovative idea: PROMOTING ANOTHER’S IDEA TODAY.
All for a better world, a better Africa, and most importantly; a better Nigeria.

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