Sometimes, we’re like lost pirates in the middle of the sea without a map.

Without a plan, we feel safe crawling back in our retro come-about;

Only seeing the passage in our course, rather than the destination of our dreams;

We get distracted by the waves and rumblings of the cloud, taking a different route from which we need not.

Our focus becomes likes that of a dog at a game of fetch, at the vanity of pleasure;

Lost in lust of quick moments, branching for a quickie;

Rather than quickly rethinking the path to sail after a slight mistake;
We decide to take, take a break.

Until we remove our eye patches,
We just might never again be able to patch our current position to the crumbled map in our jacket pockets, where we’ve left it.

We are pirates, meant to live at the crust of adventure;

Always leaning in for the treasure;
So…. let’s venture in search of them.


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