They- implanted destructive seeds in the soils of our mind;
So to see, believe and think- they are the only way we can sail across the sea; the Government you see.

Until I was recently debriefed: that instead, with the government, to sail across the sea,
One can actually walk right in-between.
Becoming our own moses.

But I was already on this boat trip with the government,
So I became Jonah: jumped right in the sea, into the belly of a beast.

Everyone was ready to watch me, to go through, to see if I’d make it through, this standing ocean of speculations-
They watched;
Me, swim to the top. I ended up, a winner.

So now, I stand triumphant- to preach, the gospel of confidence in one’s self.
We stare eye to eye, and I see your doubt.

Why do we doubt ourselves, we Christians in our self-confidence.
Why don’t we begin to doubt our doubts,
And relax in the arms of he we have glory in, and not the government ?.

Until we’re finally able to pierce through those dark veils in our mind,
the glory that calls for us in our self-confidence will never be revealed to us.

Please, I beg of you!
Please, I beg of you!!
Begin to Doubt your doubts and stand out,
So to remain outstanding.


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