A Location is with no doubt in the mind of all to be a geographical designated portion in the entire surface of the earth space. Anywhere and everywhere is a location. This is why the appropriation of name to a specific position was installed. Now, we know of places to be accredited to a particular name, so when a name attached to a specific location is mentioned, everyone knows where one is talking about.

A popular agent that helps find a location, and also direct people to a wanted destination- the Google search engine. This agent has been a great help to all for years now. Though we all know it doesn’t have the entire world mapped out and made available to us.

In Africa, there exists a locational search engine; thepicloc.com, though it is not as famous even to the Africans yet. One of the goals of this directory agent is to fluidly wash through the locations that cannot be found on Google, and actually, make those places visible to the citizens and everyone.

No wonder their motto goes: The World, Easier To Locate.
Visit www.thepicloc.com to know what it looks like. And, hope you seek and find. Goodluck!


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