A conversation between two souls…

Lex_Luminous: I’ve seen it all, what I’ve gone through; words are not strong enough to wrap them.

Umaro KJ: cacophony, the music i listen to all day; its fires, a part of my sight; all cnt  frighten me; i live in my dreams

Lex_Luminous: The same place I now dwell; in a fairy tale of dream land. I’ve learnt to conquer all that challenges me- I fear no demon.

Umaro KJ: I awake each day with itchy ears; the screams of those demons nauseates me;
life is a mere fairy tale- nothing left to be scared of.

Lex_Luminous: I used to live in the alley of those dark streets of life, entangled in it’s mysteries. My HOPE for light was always my bed of roses, keeping me warm in the dreadful cold night; until I trailed my way out of those dark Web.

Umaro KJ: i felt my heart crush a thousand times,and each time i found myself covered up in the soil but still i awake. Life doesnt frighten me anymore

Lex_Luminous: Your words I’d borrow; and say with much enthusiasm: LIFE DOESN’T THREATEN ME ANYMORE.

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